Why Choose Us

Accessibility & Availability

DCVS accessibility is gadget independent and all info on the platform is available 24/7 across the globe.

Safe & Secure

DCVS ensures maximum security of its data, by employing multi-layered security measures and latest globally approved technologies.

Modern Interfaces

DCVS ensures the deployment of latest technology in the design of its interfaces for ease of use across the globe.

The Dynamic Certification & Verification System gives instant authentication results free of charge.

The Dynamic Certification and Verification System (DCVS)

Welcome to the Official DCVS web Portal. We are a leading privately owned organization, offering instant certification and verification services of both academic and membership certificates, across borders.

We offer end-to-end, cross-platform verification solutions. Please find time and visit our offices or interract with us online, through our various channels.

DCVS Usage

If a scanned certificate is not available on the DCVS platforms, then it is likely that the certificate is fake. We are the leading verification entity in the region.

The DCVS system is cross-platform and can be accessed 24/7, free of charge. The alphanumerical code on the certificate can be verified through this portal. This will enable you access the certificate from the server in soft copy for crosschecking and downloading, plus the date & time of issuance. The same results will be availed by scanning the QR code on the certificate. This will additionaly avail more information including the image of the certificate holder, as the issuing body will deem fit.

Pricing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to use DCVS platforms?

    • The DCVS platform is accessible to end users, free of charge, across all suppported platforms.

  • How accessible are DCVS platforms?

    • DCVS platforms can be accessed through any internet enabled gadgets (phones, tablets and computers), 24/7, world-wide.

  • Is the data on DCVS platforms audited?

    • DCVS carries out routine audits of its databases as scheduled in its policies to ensure the veracity of its data.

  • How secure are DCVS systems?

    • DCVS employs multilayered security measures to ensure security of data on its servers spaces.

  • How does DCVS handle duplicate data?

    • DCVS avoids unnecessary data duplication & ensures that consumers can access relevant info in a single scan.

  • How Genuine is the data on DCVS system?

    • DCVS authenticates and cross-checks document genuineness with the issuing entity before hosting it on its servers.

What Clients Say

  • Eccra Looremeta

    - UoN

    This is a revolutionary solution. It makes authentication of ACADEMIC certificates instant and incredibly cheaper. It is such a great tool for every Human Resource firm and Institions seeking to hire qualified professionals.

  • Mithika Mwenda

    - PACJA

    DCVS makes our certificates globally verifiable, with lots of ease. It is a global standard solution that has worked well for us and for all our clients.

  • Dr. Dismas

    - MANU

    For such a simple innovation availing great solutions for our students and staff at such a friendly price and logistical comfort, I recommend DCVS.

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